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Busy Week, But Not With Miniatures

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So there's not much in the way of anything new here, but I'm attempting to at least keep this blog updated at least once a week.  I'd have gotten some more work done with my Space Wolves, but somehow I found out that when I purchased some shoulder pad bits on eBay using my PayPal account, my old address was used for shipping.  It's been over ten days, and while I did set up mail forwarding, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever see them.  I don't know who to be more annoyed at right now, Paypal or USPS.

Yep, I'm a messy person.

In the meantime, I've been
working on my friend's figures for Dragon Age roleplay sessions and I've been learning how to paint red hair and grey tones.  Both are a bit tough right now.  You can also see on the axe I'm sort of attempting some NMM technique there.  To say the least, it's easy to understand how something is done, to do it is a horse of an entirely different color.  The other dwarf will be my chance at painting a cloak, we'll see how that goes.  So far the most frustrating thing is trying to get the first layers of paint to stick on the Army Painter primer I put on.  The stuff ended up smooth and is repelling the watered down paint.  You can also see it's extremely hard to keep the paint on once it's dried.
To solve the Army Painter problem (or is it?), I got some Tamiya primer to try out.  I may even do a review on the primers I've got so far, Testors, Army Painter, and Tamiya.  And maybe then I may found out if it truly is just AP or my technique that ended up the recent priming session to go wrong.
The latest addition to my workspace setup is the IKEA Tertial lamp.  I have to say, it is the coolest lamp I've used.  The fact that it doesn't have a large obtrusive base and instead clamps to an edge makes it easy to move around and stay out of the workspace area.  The movement on the hinges are real smooth for something that was around $9.  With an OTT light bulb, it's really great for lighting up the workspace.  I had an IKEA lightbulb in there earlier figuring it would do alright, but I broke down and bought an OTT bulb when I visited Michael's over the weekend.  I have to say that is the best purchase I've made so far, the illumination by the OTT bulb is vastly different.  I may just get me another Tertial lamp for the desk...

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  1. Fayte says:

    Looks slick. My little light I have found is good for mobility but not for use in a desk all the time.
    Trust me! Krylon primer! You'll never go back!

    But seriously, the models are looking great. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks! I'm expecting the Tamiya primer to go well, but if it doesn't, I'll get Krylon next.
    The little bendy lights I have on the desk are useful for lighting, but I find them to be a bit too harsh on my eyes after some time painting. These OTT lights are really awesome.

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