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Settling In and Slot Boxes

Monday, January 23, 2012

I don't know how it is with other people, but it takes a "while" to get settled in and unpacked in an apartment for my fiance and I.  So while it's been about two weeks since we've moved into the new apartment, I've still got boxes, a bookshelf and a dinner table to unpack and set up.  On the plus side, I finally have a spot set up for my little workshop which I'll post pictures of later.  I'll finally be able to finish my current batch of Space Wolves and hopefully get started on the other miniatures waiting to be assembled and painted.

With my first Space Wolves, I liked how the colors came out, but I wasn't too happy with how "flat" they looked.  Part of my issue is that I didn't add enough blending to give them some depth, I gave them some highlights, but no shading to complement that.  I plan to fix that with these current miniatures and learn how to properly add some depth to them and blend the paint.
On a side note, I was reading up on the blogs I follow for web design this morning and came across an interesting article by Core77 on slot car racing.  Pretty cool hobby and the cars they show racing on the tracks go fast.  The thing that caught my attention as well as their focus in this article were the cases they use for their tools and mini cars.  They're called slot car boxes and they look pretty awesome as portable carrying cases for their tools and variety of equipment.  So awesome, that I'm going to look into these more and see how I can use one for my little workstation.  Since I've been in apartments and moving every year for the past six years, I don't really have the opportunity to really build out a permanent work table for my tools.  Having something portable that I can also carry around with me will be great.  If anyone is interested in these, you can easily Google and find a variety of configurations for slot car boxes.  I've even found an article on how to assemble your own pretty cheaply, which I'm going to probably do.  I know, I could probably do well enough with a fishing tackle box, but I'm really a hands-on girl (har har, commence the dirty jokes) and like to build things, and this will be great to be able to customize.


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